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School Profile

McKinnon Elementary is one of three rural schools in Sweetwater County School District 2, serving students in K-5th grades in the town of McKinnon.
We have 6 staff members who are dedicated to creating a positive, rich educational experience for students and to serving the unique academic, physical, social and emotional needs of every individual student.
The school is located in the rural Sweetwater County town of McKinnon at an elevation of 7,057 feet amidst ranches, wildlife, sagebrush grasslands, and cottonwood trees at the base of the Uinta Mountain Range. The school is the heart of the community.  Folks from the town and surrounding areas are highly involved in and supportive of school sponsored events regardless of whether or not they have children enrolled in the school. These folks express pride for this school and for its history.   
We welcome new students to our wonderful school and encourage families considering settling in the area to visit the school as part of their decision making process.